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We're not in Kansas anymore, and it's not 1999 any longer. Few people like selling, and no one likes salespeople. Welcome to AI-powered Community-Driven CRM.

Integrated and Interoperable

CX and CRM indistinguishable from magic

Sales, Marketing, and Product teams are often disjointed from each other. They end up using various data services and platforms in an attempt to build a complete picture of the business, usually with mixed results at best.With 3rd-party cookies going away, and big tech platforms further consolidating their walled gardens into even stronger gated communities, is there a better way to leverage the Internet to drive a more holistic brand-to-customer relationship?

Power of AI


With our magical Social Multi-Party Super Cookies, the limits of 3rd-Party are no more. Salesforce Protocol enables First-Party omnichannel B2B2C market networks for any brand. Seamless integrations into cloud-based CDPs allow incredibly deep identity linking and comprehensive AI-powered personalization, without the need for training.All content, commerce, and community experiences are thus personalized in real-time. Services such as Shoptype, Trovo, ZoomInfo, WRU, and others are seamlessly interconnected to create intelligent touchpoints across customer journeys.

Power of API


Salesforce Protocol enables powerful automation with out-of-the-box integrations into 20-plus top CRM systems including, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, Zendesk, and others.This enables regular campaigns and CX layers across Web1, Web2, and Web3 platforms using regular CRM software, now compatible with Salesforce Protocol, just plug-and-play.

Power of FinTech


Seamless integration of Coseller Protocol drives incremental sales across all channels using community-driven content marketers, turning members across the community into powerful customer engagement touchpoints.Further, AI-assisted content generation, advertising, and retargeting drives further engagement, at lower costs and with infinite variety. Ultimately, brands are able to create 1:1 personalization, curating for each existing and potential customer, across their lifecycle, and leveraging win/win business models that co-create value for all sides.

Power of Open


The Salesforce Protocol approach to building Open Networks for Digital Marketing allows the co-creation of value at a global scale. Headless APIs ensure developers can build on top of the rich functionality to deliver deep CX across the web, apps, email, and other channels, and also across AR/VR and mixed reality metaverses.Platform APIs let any business integrate Salesforce Protocol in order to become a platform for their own industry. Welcome to programmatic media market networks.Reach out today to see how you can unify your product, marketing, and sales into a seamless AI-powered omnichannel multiverse.

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